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Dental Clinic in Antalya

by Admin / 19 November 2020 / Catégorie Antalya

Dental Health Tourism brings a lot of patients to Antalya because of the sun and sea. Not only during summer but also during winter. Antalya offers one of the best weather conditons. Locals and tourist still enjoys the sea and sun until the end of November. By January Antalya have two active ski stations. One at Saklıkent and one in Davraz.

Our clinic is in the heart or Antalya. we sees ourselfs as a boutique dental center. As we do not count on quantity but on quality. Dr Yeşim Ramos has this vision of a family dental center. We offers the same treatemts to the local and the others from abroad. it is like enjoying a boutique hotel with the smiles of the locals. 

Safedent clinic has invested in the latest dental technologies. We want the patients to see on their own what we are seeing in their mouth. For a patient to have this perspective he can definitely understand what he need exactly. Safedent Clinic has the latest 3d realtime scanning that gives you the total image of your dental structure in real time. 


The Clinic offers the latest technology in Anaesthesia. Painless, immediate and profound, with no collateral numbness.

Simple to perform, effective and virtually risk-free, intraosseous anesthesia is a wise choice among anesthesia techniques. In fact, it may be the common method of anesthesia in a dental clinic. This technique offers constant and convincing results which encourage practitioners to favor it, since it does not cause any postoperative complications.

Our Treatments : 

  • Full review
  • Prevention, hygiene and treatment of the gums
  • Breath disorder
  • Emergency service
  • Conscious sedation
  • Teeth whitening
  • Bridges and crowns fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Dental prosthesis
  • Treatment of canal
  • Surgery
  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation
  • Aesthetic rehabilitation and Invisalign
  • Business services

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